Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week Three

When In Austin

This is a blog specifically about Austin, Texas. I was looking at it see how it would compare with my newcomer's blog and to see what people enjoy hearing about. One thing I don't like about this blog is that it is mainly audio. I would like people to come to my site and say, "I am near Austin, and I would like to know more about these things", not just to listen to it. They have a huge number of followers, and I am interested in learning more about how they manage.


This blog was very interesting to me because it is all about the music life in Austin. This type of information is often hard for a visitor to find out without having somewhere they can look it up. I will definitely link this page on my Austin section of the newcomer's site as I develop it.


Texans sure do love their barbeque and they take smoking meat very seriously. This is a great site because it lists barbeque places all over Texas, and they are mapped out to make it easy to locate each one.

Tipsy Texan

The cool thing that I am finding are blogs that will flow nicely with my own. This blog focuses on fun bars that are located around Texas and gives reviews. As a newcomer in Texas it is so nice to be able to find these fun local spots.


This site will be very helpful for me when I build the San Antonio portion of my blog. It mainly focuses on the food scene in San Antonio; however, it has useful links such as the "events" page that keeps readers on top of happenings all over the state of Texas.

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