Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blog 4

Hey Ya'll

I am really enjoying my blog about E. Texas and being a newcomer. I am taking to slowly, because this is all new to me, but it is a lot of fun, too.

This week I have been working on my LinkedIn Profile. I was a little disinterested in LinkedIn, simply because I haven't really seen a need for it in the past. However, I can see given the idea of making some great professional connections, that I could easily find LinkedIn a way to meet people, and even perhaps find that perfect job.

I chose to make my LinkedIn profile both about my blog and about my upcoming degree. I am very excited to be so close to finishing, and I am ready to start that first job. I focused on both the degree and my blog to make connections. So the groups I have found are mostly about bloggers. A couple of people have already reach out to form a connection with me, so I am hoping that perhaps this will also help me professionally.

I have devoted this week to growing my LinkedIn profile, so I really haven't been out much looking at other professional networks. I think I would be wiser to focus more deeply on LinkedIn than to jump in to a bunch at one time. I also like how LinkedIn suggests groups and companies to follow based on my skill set. Today I joined a Verizon group to stay in tune with potential jobs within their company.

So my best advice - take the time to set up your account and your profile as detailed as possible. Do all you can to get your name out there - hopefully in a few weeks I will be posting a new career!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week Four

Happy Sunday from beautiful Eastern Texas everyone! We have had an especially nice weekend, with the kind of weather that makes you want to be outside enjoying some bbq and good friends. I have been doing a lot of research about Vlogging this week and have come to the realization that I really need to continue to research more :) What a fun journey this class has been! The Vlogs that I am going to be providing links for come from and are focused around main cities that people have visited in Texas. I found this very suiting for me because that is what my focus is for this project! I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did- time for me to get to working on my own video!

Be Blessed,

The following link shows a girl on a trip she took to Austin and at the end she tells about different destinations in Austin.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week Three

When In Austin

This is a blog specifically about Austin, Texas. I was looking at it see how it would compare with my newcomer's blog and to see what people enjoy hearing about. One thing I don't like about this blog is that it is mainly audio. I would like people to come to my site and say, "I am near Austin, and I would like to know more about these things", not just to listen to it. They have a huge number of followers, and I am interested in learning more about how they manage.


This blog was very interesting to me because it is all about the music life in Austin. This type of information is often hard for a visitor to find out without having somewhere they can look it up. I will definitely link this page on my Austin section of the newcomer's site as I develop it.


Texans sure do love their barbeque and they take smoking meat very seriously. This is a great site because it lists barbeque places all over Texas, and they are mapped out to make it easy to locate each one.

Tipsy Texan

The cool thing that I am finding are blogs that will flow nicely with my own. This blog focuses on fun bars that are located around Texas and gives reviews. As a newcomer in Texas it is so nice to be able to find these fun local spots.


This site will be very helpful for me when I build the San Antonio portion of my blog. It mainly focuses on the food scene in San Antonio; however, it has useful links such as the "events" page that keeps readers on top of happenings all over the state of Texas.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week One

Hello everyone, I have always vowed to never have a blog because I always felt like it would put pressure on me to try to say something impressive but who knows.. maybe I have something to say that others will find worth reading. I am a single mom to the most precious 5 year old boy, Jackson. We recently moved to East Texas and are settling in quite well. Being a single parent is certainly challenging but it comes with the biggest gifts also. I am very excited to get to share a little bit of my life with you guys and hope to learn more about you as well. Sarah

Week Two

Hello again,

So some of you may be confused as to why I now have a new blogging site.. Let's just say I am VERY new to the world of blogging and found this one to be a much easier format to work with.. In short, I couldn't figure the other one out. :) I am very excited to talk about some of the places I have visited in Texas and give you all an overview of each destination. I hope to provide a resource for others who may want to visit Texas so that they can find fun places to go as a family. As a new Texan myself this has been a fun adventure and I have found some really helpful resources that I hope to share with you all in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for reading my posts! Stay tuned for more shenanigans by Sarah!