Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week One

Hello everyone, I have always vowed to never have a blog because I always felt like it would put pressure on me to try to say something impressive but who knows.. maybe I have something to say that others will find worth reading. I am a single mom to the most precious 5 year old boy, Jackson. We recently moved to East Texas and are settling in quite well. Being a single parent is certainly challenging but it comes with the biggest gifts also. I am very excited to get to share a little bit of my life with you guys and hope to learn more about you as well. Sarah

Week Two

Hello again,

So some of you may be confused as to why I now have a new blogging site.. Let's just say I am VERY new to the world of blogging and found this one to be a much easier format to work with.. In short, I couldn't figure the other one out. :) I am very excited to talk about some of the places I have visited in Texas and give you all an overview of each destination. I hope to provide a resource for others who may want to visit Texas so that they can find fun places to go as a family. As a new Texan myself this has been a fun adventure and I have found some really helpful resources that I hope to share with you all in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for reading my posts! Stay tuned for more shenanigans by Sarah!