Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blog 4

Hey Ya'll

I am really enjoying my blog about E. Texas and being a newcomer. I am taking to slowly, because this is all new to me, but it is a lot of fun, too.

This week I have been working on my LinkedIn Profile. I was a little disinterested in LinkedIn, simply because I haven't really seen a need for it in the past. However, I can see given the idea of making some great professional connections, that I could easily find LinkedIn a way to meet people, and even perhaps find that perfect job.

I chose to make my LinkedIn profile both about my blog and about my upcoming degree. I am very excited to be so close to finishing, and I am ready to start that first job. I focused on both the degree and my blog to make connections. So the groups I have found are mostly about bloggers. A couple of people have already reach out to form a connection with me, so I am hoping that perhaps this will also help me professionally.

I have devoted this week to growing my LinkedIn profile, so I really haven't been out much looking at other professional networks. I think I would be wiser to focus more deeply on LinkedIn than to jump in to a bunch at one time. I also like how LinkedIn suggests groups and companies to follow based on my skill set. Today I joined a Verizon group to stay in tune with potential jobs within their company.

So my best advice - take the time to set up your account and your profile as detailed as possible. Do all you can to get your name out there - hopefully in a few weeks I will be posting a new career!

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